American-Made Saké Beverages : SoGood Sake


SoGood Saké is on a mission to introduce American consumers to an age-old rice-based beverage that has struggled to grow outside of restaurant settings. SoGood Saké takes the form of a super simple yet ultra-premium spirit that’s made with rice from California and the finished product is meant to inspire new occasions and food pairings.

The visual branding was developed based on imagery surrounding grains of rice, which pays homage to the rich tradition of the spirit in a fresh and modern way. To highlight the versatility of saké, the brand invites people to “drink differently.”

While Junmai Daiginjo is described as having a crisp, clean and smooth profile, a hint of sweetness and a slight nuttiness, Junmai Ginjo has a bright red bottle that captures its bold nature. – Lifestyle Trends

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