Aquatic Energy-Harvesting Floating Hotels : Eco-Floating Hotel


The ‘Eco-Floating Hotel’ is a futuristic floating accommodation designed by the Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) that is focused on offering a breathtaking guest experience as well as eco benefits. The hotel is designed for Qatar where it would flat on the water to offer 152 rooms for guests along with ample amenities throughout. The system would make use of a Dynamic Positioning system to stay in place, while also passively capturing energy from the natural flow of the water.

The ‘Eco-Floating Hotel is further enhanced with 55 vawtau modules to capture the energy of the wind in a design-conscious manner. The hotel is expected to be ready by 2025 and identifies the ways accommodations are being created with a stronger attention to the environment. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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