Bottega Veneta Sells Necklace Resembling Cheap Curly Telephone Cords For $2,000


Image via Bottega Veneta

Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta has gone viral online for its latest necklace. Priced at US$2,000, the necklace looks just like classic coiled landline telephone cords.

Fashion watchdog Diet Prada took to Instagram to share a photo of the brand’s latest accessory. Dubbed Necklace, the coiled accessory is made of enameled sterling silver and comes with a hoof fastening. It comes in three different shades: green, blue, and white.

Diet Prada also shared a photo of coiled telephone cords that cost US$5 in a side-by-side comparison. “Bottega is the new Vetements,” it wrote in the caption.

Social media users were quick to react to the post, with many Instagram users trolling the brand for selling the telephone cords lookalike at an exorbitant price.

“I don’t know what’s more ridiculous, them trying to sell this or the people who buy it,” a user commented. “$2000? Not a steal, that’s a damn robbery,” another joked.

Other social media users commented that luxury brands could be hurting small businesses that make handcrafted jewelry at a fraction of the price.

“I know so many designers and artisans who work their hands to the bone, spend weeks on a single piece, make it from expensive materials—and charge less than this,” a user weighed in. “Price like this on cheap items, just because there’s a famous brand name attached, is pretty insulting to those of us who put so much effort into our handmade pieces.”

Bottega Veneta previously sold a floral beaded necklace for US$3,400, which also raised a few brows.

Image via Bottega Veneta

Image via Bottega Veneta

[via Yahoo, cover image via Bottega Veneta]

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