Disney Unveils ‘Space 220’ Restaurant With Stunning Panoramic Views From Above


Image via Walt Disney World Resort

Ever wanted to dine in space? Well, you’ll be able to in just a month’s time, kind of, as Walt Disney World Resort sets to open the highly-anticipated Space 220 restaurant in mid-September.

Situated next to the Mission: SPACE attraction at the EPCOT theme park in Florida, this fine dining destination takes things to a whole new level. “Beginning with a trip in the first-ever space elevator, travel 220 miles above the Earth at this new restaurant,” says Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley on Instagram.

He has shared a video sneak peek of the dining area, which overlooks Earth virtually, letting visitors experience what it’s like to dine from the planet’s orbit.

“Space 220 is a perfect addition to EPCOT continuing our legacy of original storytelling – fantastical experiences rooted in real science and designed with a range of world-class experts that make you wonder ‘how’d they do that?!’” teases Riddley.

According to Space, this new experience will be operated by the Patina Restaurant Group, featuring an international menu, and stocked with over 1,000 bottles of the world’s best wines and craft beers.

Visitors will be able to enjoy fine cuisine while enjoying the stunning panoramic views of Earth from above – just like in the real Space Station.

Excited? Take a look at the sneak peek below.

[via Space, images via Walt Disney World Resort]

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