Freshman 15: First-year players who will make an immediate impact


In college football, predicting which freshmen will make an immediate impact relies on a lot of different things. There is, obviously, the skill of the player. However, an opportunity to play and the quickness the player can understand everything that’s going on have just as much effect on how much of an impact a freshman can have.

There may be better freshmen not listed here and guys who will go on to have unbelievable careers. Remember that Trevor Lawrence was supposed to sit behind Kelly Bryant as a freshman (he took the job) and that Justin Fields was supposed to rip the QB job from Jake Fromm at Georgia (he didn’t). Meanwhile Fromm, as a freshman, took advantage of a Jacob Eason injury and took the Bulldogs to the national championship game. It’s hard to tell.

Here are the fifteen freshmen that should find their way into contributing right away, and force their coaches to find opportunities for them to see a lot of the field.

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