Hyundai’s Robot Dogs Perform Routine With South Korean Boyband BTS


Video screenshot via Hyundai Worldwide

Boston Dynamics’ robots have been something of an internet sensation, with previous videos going viral. Now, the firm’s robot dogs have teamed up with K-pop stars BTS for a choreographed dance routine.

Hyundai, which just closed a deal for a majority stake in Boston Dynamics, turned to ambassadors BTS to celebrate the occasion with a dance.

Seven Spot robot dogs, one for each member of BTS, performed a dance routine to the group’s Ioniq: I’m On It, a song created for Hyundai’s electric vehicle brand, as per Engadget.

The first video Hyundai released shows the BTS members meeting the Spot robot dogs and being tickled by their lifelike antics, including challenging the robots to pushups. The second shows the robot dogs in dance mode, recreating the band’s signature dance moves.

Take a look at BTS interacting with the robots below.

[via Engadget, cover image via Hyundai Worldwide]

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