Ken Doll Celebrates 60th Birthday In Style With Berluti


Can you believe it? The Ken doll is already six decades old but he doesn’t look a day over 30.

To celebrate the figurine’s 60th birthday, Mattel has partnered up with the Parisian luxury brand Berluti in creating three unique dolls—one white, one Black and one Asian—all dressed in fashion brand’s Spring Summer’21 collection with artist Brian Rochefort.

On the dolls, you can see one wearing a Prince of Wales double-breasted suit with a Ken & Berluti logo tee and Camden shoes; another wearing an abstract print shirt paired with a pair of black pants and leather Stellar sneakers; and lastly, a brown leather jacket is worn over a printed silk shirt with a pair of elasticated trousers and braided calf leather Camden shoes. Also seen on the suave dolls are Berluti’s signature Nino clutch but in a mini size. Accompanying the trio is a beach buggy that was created in 2020 in collaboration with Hot Wheels, a sister brand of Mattel. Starting their journey from Paris, the dolls will travel across the Atlantic Ocean to Los Angeles through a storytelling content that will be unveiled on the respective brands’ social media platforms. The digital voyage allows us to escape for a moment from the woes brought forth by the pandemic through this vicarious experience with Ken, and be reminded of the better times that are ahead of us.


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