Lamborghini Remade Its Iconic Countach For One Customer Upon Request


Image via Lamborghini

In March 1971, Automobili Lamborghini unveiled the LP 500 Countach at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle, presented as the “idea car” of the time, immediately went viral, with photographs of its sleek build published in major magazines around the world.

However, after three years of development, it found itself sacrificed in crash tests before disappearing, seemingly forever.

That is, until the end of 2017, at least. A lover of classic cars, and an “important Lamborghini customer,” asked “if there was any possibility of creating a reconstruction” of the Countach. Despite its legendary status, it had only been known through the photographs taken in 1971.

So Lamborghini began to gather materials required to revive its LP 500 Countach and carry out analyses to see if the car could even be remade in the first place. That has been in the works since 2017, and now it’s ready to be revealed in all its glory at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, an event in Italy for classic and vintage cars.

Image via Lamborghini

Using entirely original Lamborghini spare or restored parts from 1971, the bodywork and interior were then reproduced to include instruments shown in that first prototype too. Where parts couldn’t be sourced, they were completely rebuilt.

‘Giallo Fly Speciale’ is the name of the hue that saturates the car’s exterior, giving it a warm and bright face. It was derived after extensive analysis of the company’s archives in search of the original color used.

“The LP 500 is of paramount importance to Lamborghini because it gave rise to the design DNA of all subsequent models,” explains Mitja Borkert, Head of Design.

“To arrive at the car that debuted in Geneva in 1971, a 1:1 scale styling model was developed, which along with the car itself was lost over time, but extensive photographic evidence of it remains. This is the same approach with which we decided to tackle the project.”

Image via Lamborghini

Apart from divulging that the entire project took around 25,000 hours to complete, not many other details are revealed. It hasn’t been stated how much it cost to make, or how much power it’s capable of.

Though, one thing’s for sure: that anonymous customer now owns a key part of automobile history.

[via SlashGear, images via Lamborghini]

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