Nike Champions Strength Of Female Athletes During Pregnancy In Empowering Ad


Image via Nike

Nike has released a powerful commercial featuring pregnant and breastfeeding athletes showcasing their strength in early motherhood.

“Can you be an athlete? You, pregnant? You, a mother? That depends,” the narrator of the Toughest Athletes clip declares.
According to Nike, the video was created to showcase the correlation of sport and motherhood through the experiences of 20 mothers in the “various stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journeys” and to show “how motherhood is an ultramarathon.”

“What is an athlete? Someone who moves? Sounds like you,” the narrator continues. “Someone who listens to her body. Also you. Someone who defies gravity. You. Someone who deals with the pain, hits her limit, and pushes past it. So, can you be an athlete? If you aren’t, no one is.”

Nike said the clips used were captured by mothers from all over the world during the COVID-19 situation. The advertisement was stitched together from over 22 hours of recorded footage. The shoots were directed via Zoom to ensure everyone would be healthy and safe.

Some of the athletes featured in the clip include Serena Williams, Alex Morgan, Perri Edwards, and everyday athletes. The commercial coincides with Nike’s first dedicated maternity collection, Nike (M), which is available to purchase via

[via Footwear News, cover image via Nike]

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