Nike’s Outdoor Showcase Is A Surreal 3D Vacation You Can Take At Home


Image via sivasdescalzo

With our entire lives now locked inside our computer screens, a respite to the great outdoors could be much needed. If you’re into fashion, sustainability and utility, as well, Nike’s new tour showcasing its Spring 2021 All Conditions Gear (ACG) collection might be for you.

In collaboration with Spanish clothing label sivasdescalzo (SVD), the sportswear giant has recently expanded the ACG range with a selection of jackets, vests, T-shirts, cargo pants, and GORE-TEX hiking sneakers. However, since it’s not possible for shoppers to properly test the outdoor pieces, the duo has launched a 3D tour featuring the apparel, set in an icy simulation of Crater Lake at Oregon’s national park.

No hiking gear is needed, but you’ll require a VR headset for the best experience. To recreate the scene, the Nike creative team took the trip out to Crater Lake for a closer look at the real deal. Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary studio PLAYLAB, INC. contributed artistic and narrative direction, 3D artist Adrian Bolog worked on the architecture, and Barcelona-based design studio Rendooo created the 3D garments.

The digital scene might closely resemble the Oregon landscape, but the addition of neon caves and holographic cones gives it just the right touch of surrealism for a mental escape from reality. Explore the platform here.

[via Input Mag, cover image via sivasdescalzo]

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