Pizza Hut Is Serving Fresh NFT Pizza Slices Daily, And One Just Raised $9K


Image via CNW Group / Pizza Hut Canada

Welcome to 2021, the year spending a fortune on zero-calorie, zero-flavor pizza has become a reality.

Along with its regular analog pizzas, Pizza Hut Canada is now serving the world’s first ‘Non-Fungible Pizza (NFP)’.

Only one slice of ‘1 Byte Favourites’ will be available per day, so you’ll require fast fingers—as well as pockets deeper than a deep-dish pizza—to grab one. For a limited time, Pizza Hut will release a pixelated slice of Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Canadian, or Margherita toppings at lunchtime daily. Prices start at 0.0001 ETH a pop, the supposed cost of a real bite of pizza.

“It’s a fun way to deliver our Favourites on an emerging platform where people can truly appreciate the perfect pan pizza forever,” explained Daniel Meynen, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut Canada.

The campaign was launched alongside advertising agency Ogilvy Toronto to promote the chain’s upcoming $10 Favourites menu.

The first listing, a slice of eight-bit Pepperoni, has raised a bid price of US$9,162.79 on NFT marketplace Rarible. Luckily, whoever gets it will be able to savor this piece for a lifetime.

[via SuperCryptoNews, cover image via CNW Group / Pizza Hut Canada]

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