Weetabix On The Go Caffé Latte


The Weetabix On The Go Caffé Latte breakfast drink is being launched by the brand in the UK to offer consumers a convenient product that is perfect for enjoying in the morning before starting the day or while on the run. The drink comes in 250ml bottles and is priced at £1 each with a satisfying recipe that will help to fuel up a person, while also increasing their energy with a bit of caffeine in the mix. This makes it perfect for those who are constantly running behind to help them satisfy their hunger and also increase their energy for a two-in-one experience.

General Manager at Weetabix On The Go Emma Varlow spoke further on the new Weetabix On The Go Caffé Latte breakfast drink saying, “Weetabix On The Go is the leading brand in the category with a 60% share of the breakfast drinks sector. We are confident that there is a huge opportunity in the months ahead for breakfast drinks, both at-home to suit our busy mornings or whilst on the move when things open-up again. Our new Caffé Latte flavour offers a convenient breakfast with an added boost of caffeine to help Brits start their morning off right. Coffee is now the second most popular flavour of flavoured milk and has a value of £34.5m with growth of 18.1% in the last year.”

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